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You expect your attorneys to recognize the issues and know the applicable law, but effective counsel and representation require far more than that.  Gelineau and Kline is committed to understanding what you want to achieve, your goal, and to making sure you understand the options available to reach that goal.  We are committed to providing practical advice that takes into account costs, resources and likelihoods of success.  Perhaps most importantly, we are committed to doing what needs to be done, no more and no less, to get the best possible results.

Gelineau and Kline was founded in 1992 by Roy F. Gelineau, Jr. and Anthony F. Kline after each enjoyed successful careers outside the practice of law.  We have real life experience that frames our perspective of an attorney’s roles and responsibilities.  That perspective enables us to provide candid, pragmatic and effective legal counsel and representation, whether giving day-to-day advice or actively litigating a case.

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